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Fritz Hegenbart


Fall 2014 fashion: Scout’s ham costume from To Kill A Mockingbird


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It’s one thing after another, never a fucking break. I found out my mom has heart disease today. I’m sick to my stomach.

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Best Friend

For the past twenty minutes, I held my almost 8 month old golden retriever/golden lab puppy, while he slept. Even though Oliver is past the capacity of holding all of him, I held the top proportion of his body. I sat there tickling and petting him. Looking over every detail of his face, I started thinking and then began tearing up. I am so lucky for Oliver to have come into my life. Oliver is my best friend. I know deep down in my heart he will always be by my side, helping me, going on adventures with me, just being there as a friend. I have never had this connection with a dog before. This special bond is something I really cherish. I need him and he needs me. It was natures will that little puppy seen running around the house was saved for my family and I to take home and love.

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Casually going through old prints, reminder that I have a silver gelatin print of a 4x5 negative that I shot of Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer almost 2 years ago. I keep meaning to send them a copy of the print because when I tried to email him a file it got lost in depths of hell. It’s one of my favorite portraits to have taken though, especially since I have a traumatizing hilarious awful memory that happened in front of them directly after taking the shot.

To Suffer the Weight by Mark Thompson